Kaleb re-releases the last piece of the puzzle: HIKELE

HIKELEThe last piece of the puzzle that Kaleb calls his discography is now in place. HIKELE, re-released today, is the remodelled self-titled solo album that Kaleb debuted in 2007. Brand new/unreleased songs accompany other surprises that await the listener. Truthfully, he is more proud of this record than most of the others. Further explanation can be found in this long winded Facebook post. Thank you.

1) This album was first released in August, 2007
2) Out comes the paintbrush and blank canvas…
3) These songs were re-recorded sometime between 2010 – 2014
4) Original recordings and bed tracks were used in the construction
5) 3 brand new and unreleased songs are presented here as well
6) The ‘Introduction’ runs with the idea of a motif written in 1998
7) HIKELE was re-released on December the 11th, 2014
8) The End.


PS. Here, you can listen to the complete Chronology

I invite you to sing on my record

Sing on my song! Make your recording debut on “Rivers Will Rise”, a new tune from the upcoming piano album by The Sun Harmonic. Watch the video below…

All you need is a computer mic, a phone, handheld recording device, or home studio setup, and your own vocal cords. I am accepting all ranges and styles of singers, I am interested in making this sound like “the people” and it is headed in that direction. I invite you to join us.

Instructions are found in the description of the video.

Thank you all.

Documentation of the East Coast Tour

So, it has come to an end. What a trip to call my first “tour”. I cannot wait to go out East for a second time. Here is documentation of what happened along the way that we found on the world wide web:

The night before we left, we recorded this silly (drunken) video of an old country song.

Our first stop in to a station was in Montreal at CKUT live from McGill U, on May 25th. Here is the interview with our new friend Hannah.

May 27th we stop in to CHSR in Fredericton to talk on the air and play 3 songs each during our 1 hour interview with Kate Graves.

May 30th we visit CHMA (Boardwalk Radio) in Sackville for an interview/performance (They also gave us a promo spot prior to our visit)

May 31st we play at Marc’s Lounge in Charlottetown, PEI, and are secretly written a live review for our concert, thanks to Todd of The Guardian.

June 5th we are written in as the “Gig Pick” by Ottawa’s online culture mag ‘The Revue’

Cheers to it all!

Kaleb and Tanya tour to the East Coast

East Coast TourElder Sister Plum and The Sun Harmonic are excited to announce an East Coast Tour. Here are the dates when Tanya and Kaleb will visit New Brunswick, PEI, Nova Scotia, and other favourite cities on their way there and back! Details here:

May 27th, Fredericton, NB
– James Joyce Irish Pub (7 – Close, Free)

May 28th, Hampton, NB
– Shiretown Publicans (8 – 11 pm, PWYC)

May 29th, Moncton, NB
– Cafe C’est La Vie (6 – 9 pm, PWYC)

May 30th, Sackville, NB- CANCELLED
Due to the unforeseen, this show has been cancelled. Sorry.

May 31st, Charlottetown, PE
– Marc’s Lounge (10 – Midnight, Free)

June 2nd, Halifax, NS
– Cafe Cempoal Calavera Negra (8 – Midnight, PWYC)

June 4th, Edmundston, NB
– Resto-Bar Le Deck (9:30 – 1 am, Free)

June 5th, Ottawa, ON
– Rainbow Bistro (8 – 10 pm, $5)

June 7th, Peterborough, ON
– The Spill Cafe w/ Evangeline Gentle (9 – 12:30 am, PWYC)

June 9th, Toronto, ON (Homecoming Show!)
– The Cameron House, Back Room (8:30 – Midnight)
w/ A variety show of other acts all night!
(Charitable Donation at the door- $5 Suggested)