Kaleb and Tanya tour to the East Coast

East Coast TourElder Sister Plum and The Sun Harmonic are excited to announce an East Coast Tour. Here are the dates when Tanya and Kaleb will visit New Brunswick, PEI, Nova Scotia, and other favourite cities on their way there and back! Details here:

May 24th, Montreal, QC
- House Show

May 27th, Fredericton, NB
- James Joyce Irish Pub (7 – Close, Free)

May 28th, Hampton, NB
- Shiretown Publicans (8 – 11 pm, PWYC)

May 29th, Moncton, NB
- Cafe C’est La Vie (6 – 9 pm, PWYC)

May 30th, Sackville, NB
- Bridge Street Cafe (5 – 8 pm, PWYC)

May 31st, Charlottetown, PE
- Marc’s Lounge (10 – Midnight, Free)

June 2nd, Halifax, NS
- Cafe Cempoal Calavera Negra (8 – Midnight, PWYC)

June 4th, Edmundston, NB
- Resto-Bar Le Deck (9:30 – 1 am, PWYC)

June 5th, Ottawa, ON
- Rainbow Bistro (8 – 10 pm, $5)

June 7th, Peterborough, ON
- The Spill (9 – 12:30 am, PWYC)

June 9th, Toronto, ON (Homecoming Show!)
- The Cameron House, Back Room (9 – 12, PWYC)

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“One last night with Winter”

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In The Mood For A Magnolia

Act now! Available for free for a limited time- click below.

In the mood for a Magnolia


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Pocketbook Poetry and a Paperclip

pocketbook poetry

Behold, a short run of handmade mini-poetry books, bound by a paperclip, created for the In Words Showcase in Ottawa. The Sun Harmonic brought 44 copies, including short poems and poetic ideas from his pocketbook, to the venue to offer for free to the crowd. A few of them are still lying around in the Suitcase Record Shop found at live shows, or, you could email to ask of their whereabouts? Larger collections of poetry and ramblings will be assembled, later in life. For now, enjoy Pocketbook Poetry and a Paperclip.

by Kaleb Hikele

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The latest songs from Kaleb, offered as ‘Coloured Sketches’

Coloured SketchesColoured Sketches is the third installation of Demonstrations from Kaleb Hikele, also known by his birth name The Sun Harmonic. New songs are available now on a handmade CD- ionclude the standard version (11 songs + a B-Side) when you buy discs from the Moon Melody Suitcase Record Shop.

The practice started in 2011 to capture off-the-floor demos of his unreleased songs- this collection moves from Demonstration #39 forward to #57. While Kaleb Hikele turned his home studio into a sound construction zone, city construction workers made noise outside installing new shingles on the rooftop. Inside of The Townhouse, Kaleb ran through improvisational performances of his latest songs, travelling from the piano to the electric guitar to the acoustic guitar before disarray led to shutting off the microphones at 4:30 a.m. on August 31st. He finished recording the to-do list of 19 tunes in the basement on the afternoon of September 2nd and titled the new batch of music ‘Coloured Sketches’.

Please enjoy his musical expression offered to you and thanks for listening.

PS. On Sunday, September 22nd, a Listening Party offered the only digital download, but you can always listen to a song online here or here.

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Handmade music sent to your mailbox

Behold, the handmade copies of Coloured Sketches, a new batch of demos from Kaleb Hikele. More information to follow. Find a CD copy of your own when the mail goes out in September of 2013!

Coloured Sketches handmade copies

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‘The Eight of Hearts’, a rock & roll Digital 7 Inch

The Eight of Hearts

The Eight of Hearts is a Digital 7 Inch made up of two songs to preview a work-in-progress called The Joker and The King (to be continued).

Listen, Download + Donate $2.00

The Joker and The King is a rock & roll collaboration between hometown friends. The on-going recording project includes Kaleb Hikele of The Sun Harmonic who is finally behind the microphone again with good friends and musicians Zack Buck and Paul Baughman to start creating songs for an album in the unforeseeable future. Stay tuned.

Look: www.thejokerandtheking.tumblr.com

Any donations made when you download the Digital 7 Inch are put towards a yearly charitable donation made by Moon Melody. Learn more Here or Here

Thanks for listening.

The Sun Harmonic

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