Listen – When The Well Runs Dry

Hear the start of Side B from After We Fly, out March 10.

Listen/Pre-order the album: After We Fly

One day When The Well Runs Dry, will I be of a happier mind? Track 5 asks the question. The B Side of After We Fly is ushered in by a single trumpet note leading to a doubled percussion section (featuring Zack Buck) and choral ‘oohs’, from The Broadview Band trio, that elevate the song to the albums highest peak.

To fight the Winter blues…

Winter Tree Ornament

We all find our way to fight the winter blues. I’ll share mine with you, a taste of the medicine that got me through these cold seasons for the last five years.

What started as my “piano album” turned in to a much larger scope of folk and rock piano songs, woven with a strong jazz and classical fabric. The first preview of this project is just on the horizon.

Winter – the variety of sounds it creates. Here it comes…

Kaleb re-releases the last piece of the puzzle: HIKELE

HIKELEThe last piece of the puzzle that Kaleb calls his discography is now in place. HIKELE, re-released today, is the remodelled self-titled solo album that Kaleb debuted in 2007. Brand new/unreleased songs accompany other surprises that await the listener. Truthfully, he is more proud of this record than most of the others. Further explanation can be found in this long winded Facebook post. Thank you.

1) This album was first released in August, 2007
2) Out comes the paintbrush and blank canvas…
3) These songs were re-recorded sometime between 2010 – 2014
4) Original recordings and bed tracks were used in the construction
5) 3 brand new and unreleased songs are presented here as well
6) The ‘Introduction’ runs with the idea of a motif written in 1998
7) HIKELE was re-released on December the 11th, 2014
8) The End.


PS. Here, you can listen to the complete Chronology